Cannot define keyboard shortcuts

• Aug 16, 2022 - 06:58

As the title says, I'm unable set set keyboard shortcuts such as SHIFT+1. SHIFT is not recognised, and thus this key combination would only print an exclamation mark.

I'm on MacOS.


Are you saying exclamation is not Shift+1 on your keyboard? What language / region? The standard US QWERTY layout does have exclamation as Shift+1, so this would be correct, and it works for me to set a shortcut that way. That is, after closing the dialog, Shift+! (aka "!") does what I just assigned it to. Are you also saying when you go to use the shortcut, it doesn't work? What commands are you trying to use this as the shortcut for, and do other custom shortcuts work for that command?

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I see from another post that you are helping test the experimental alpha pre-release of MuseScore 4. Is that what you are using here? There are indeed known issues with the numeric keys specifically.

In the future, best to use the Development forum when discussing experimental pre-releases, or at least be very clear that is what you are talking about when posting here.

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