help with .mscz score

• Aug 19, 2022 - 04:11

I did not create this score from scratch. I borrowed it, made minor changes and added tablature.

  1. In the tablature, I've made many fret positions invisible (select fret #, hit "V" key). Result is only grayed out, but still visible. Is there anyway to make them totally invisible.

  2. Many fret positions in the tablature are highlighted in red and hard to read. Is there a way to get rid of the red?

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Barrios Preludio_c_minor_J_Williams.mscz 26.09 KB


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Unselecting Show Invisible/ unprintable did the trick!

One issue remains. Empty white space on the bottom of page 1 which could be filled with staves, potentially making it a 3 page score instead of 4. There were much more empty space before (only one staff on a page) due to duplicate fingerings that were not attached to the note it belongs to but far away. I've deleted those and got rid of those empty spaces. How do I get rid of the empty space on page 1?

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Barrios Preludio_c_minor_J_Williams.mscz 26.09 KB

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