no left barlines

• Aug 19, 2022 - 16:41

I have this piece looking pretty much the way I want it except there are no barlines on the left side.

Can I delete that 2022 at the bottom and get it to fill even more of the page? I see the frame around the whole tab, but I can't grab it and manipulate it.

Thank you in advance.

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If I choose Format/Stretch/Reset Layout Stretch then the page is completly filled (in your score).

And yes, you can delete the 2022 at the bottom by Format/Style/Header, Footer and deselect 'Footer Text' but this results not in more room.
In Format/Page settings you can modify the page margins. This makes the score a bit larger.

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Yeah, I tried the stretch and Reset Stretch, but it makes it worse. I put in a page break, but they are not visible and I cannot figure out how to get it out of there. I wanted 5 staves on the first page because there is the title, and six on the other.
Stretch seemed to have no effect at all. I tried selecting and stretching. Actually there is a line with only two bars and I tried to shrink it, but it doesn't work.
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Well, the stretch commands aren't magic "do whatever it is I have in mind" commands, they are very simply tools - they increase or decrease the minimum width of the selected measures. nothing more or less than that. So in order to get them to do what you want, you'd have to be very clear on which measures you want narrower, which you want wider, etc. But none of that has anything to do with margins - just on measures widths. And yes, if you make measures wider, they might not fit on a system, and get pushed to the next system, which might indeed also push onto the next page.

The usual standard in published music is to not show the left barlines for systems of only a single staff. But there are some special exceptions, and tablature music that is also suppressing the usual clef would indeed be one candidate. To enable the system barlines in cases like these, see Format / Style / Barlines.

Regarding the margin, as mentioned, you can change the page margin in Format / Page Settings. But also, if you plan to delete the copyright info anyhow, then you could also simply reduce the space between the bottom staff and the margin. That's the "music bottom margin" in Format / Style / Page.

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