remove quartertone accidentals on tied notes?

• Aug 19, 2022 - 23:20


After importing musicxml, I have a score full of accidentals on tied notes (see screenshot), but it only happens on quartertones. I expect the answer is no, but any suggestions on how to bulk remove the repeats?


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I think, its because MuseScore in fact doesnt support microtonal accidentals (they are only "decorative") and therefore, as both tied notes are microtonal, in conversion from xml, it adds theese microtonal accidentals to both notes. May be, second one accidental should be invisible.

I think, it is doable by plugin.

And in my opinion, it is also valid feature request. But may be You can discuss it in Discord MuseScore notation channel first.

Also short xml example would be nice to attach.

Here are plugins, that maight be helpful.
One hides unwanted accidentals, second one removes them completely.
Have a nice day.
EDIT: updated version above

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