"new" and "new" on forum posts - what do they mean?

• Aug 20, 2022 - 14:20

Not really an important question - but why are there two "new"s (see attachment) in the overview "Recent posts" - a yellow and a blue one?

Secondary question: "Mark all as read" only resets "yellow new" - where, if I understand correctly, "all" means not really "all", but "all on page"? What is the hidden agenda here ;-)?

(yes, I searched on the website - but "new" is not really a helpful search term :-( ).


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Trying to answer myself:

  • "yellow new" is for the whole forum thread, or issue, etc. It vanishes when I (a) either open the thread, issue, etc.; or click (b) "Mark all read".
  • "blue new" is with regard to comments. It counts down only when I open the comment.

For forum threads, an invariant is: If it is "yellow new", then the "blue new count" is equal to the number of comments [edit:] except when the comment count is 0.
For issues, there is, it seems, no "new comment counter", thus they can be "yellow new" without have a "blue new" number
... see attachment for some cases.

Interesting research area.


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