tuplet numbers misplaced

• Aug 21, 2022 - 20:23

Tuplet numbers seem to be placed as if brackets were present when they are not. (Example--in progress--attached.) What to do??
John Pratt

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Thanks for answering. I expect them to be placed close to beams if they are on the beam side. I have fixed or hidden many, but score p6, m6, bn has two, one significantly further away than the other. P7, top system, piano RH they are all over but hidden (except one I missed, I think). I can find more if you want. Sorry I wasn't appropriately explicit.

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Indeed, your assessment is pretty correct, I think - the placement algorithm for the most part acts as if the bracket is present.

Many details like this have been improved for MuseScore 4, so I encourage you to try out the alpha, or better yet, current nightly builds, as you may things already improved. This in particular seems maybe slightly better but still not right.

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Thanks. This score seems to be so sensitive (I am crowding it to get three systems on a page with as large a note size as possible) and I have spent so much time on it that I wouldn't dare try out anything. Even the courtesy accidental plug-in seemed to require a lot of adjustment I didn't expect, though perhaps I was remembering wrong. Maybe I'll try things on the next one, if I live that long, or better yet, 4 will be out.

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