Front half of measure is uneditable

• Aug 22, 2022 - 15:40

I have a measure in my attached file where the front half is totally blank. No matter how many notes you add to the measure, it keeps that much blank space. Deleting the notes also maintains the spacing. I don't believe this is an issue of breaks, spacers, or stretches. Any help is appreciated!

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Select the 1st not in the top staff, the B4, then in Inspector reset Segment > Leading space (to 0)

Unrelated: Why are you using staff text for chord symbols rather than... chord symbols?

Most likely that extra space got there from trying to drag a note. Generally speaking, don't do that, unless you are going for highly unusual special effects.

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Well, I wouldn't try to fix it that way - almost no chance you'll actually get it exactly back to 0. Way way way faster to just click the reset button next to the leading space field than to try to carefully eyeball the exact distance.

What I'm saying is, don't drag notes. Ever. Not for any reason at all. Anything you think you might want to accomplish through dragging a note is far better accomplished a different way.

If the drag happened accidentally through attempting to drag the canvas, then my next advice would be, don't do that, either :-). The much better way to scroll your score is using your normal scroll wheel / touchpad scroll gestures (eg, two-finger swipe).

Dragging is a recipe for trouble and should be avoided for almost anything in MuseScore.

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Dragging is a recipe for trouble and should be avoided for almost anything in MuseScore. ... so ... why is there, then? But as a question: If I open a score which is higher than workpane screen (> about 13 staves, e.g. a wind band score) in continuous view, PgDn/Up scrolls left/right - but how, other than with dragging, can I see lower staves of the score?


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Good questions!

First, why is dragging there? It's there because it's easily discoverable, and some people don't mind living dangerously. msueScore 4 is disabling some of the worst of the side effects that can happen from dragging, but even so, it's never going to be as precise or efficient as other methods.

Second, how to scroll - as I said, with the standard scroll wheel on your mouse, or equivalent touchpad gesture (eg, two-finger swipe - with or without Shift to toggle between horizontal/vertical on devices that don't support free swipe).

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