'Space saver down' in 2.0

• Sep 16, 2014 - 15:04

When using the 'Space saver down', the stave below starts moving when the arrow head has crossed the first line and almost touches the second one in that stave. It moves with too coarse steps (at least to my taste).
Can I adjusted these steps?


For me it just slightly crosses the 1st line (by a pixel or 3), most probably attributed to the thickness of that line (the line centers or the arrow head would barly touch the staff)
But see spacer up, it doesn't look nice

Resolution is set to 0.5sp (in Inspector) shouldn't bee to difficult to make this, say, 0.25sp?

The arrow keys do it in 0.1sp steps, so maybe better setting Inspector to that too, or a whole multiple, maybe 0.2sp?

Cannot see where to adust the resolution in the score. If I click on a 'space saver down' the
the Inspector shows the length only......

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