Piano grand staff with 2 treble clefs as default?

• Aug 29, 2022 - 05:57


is there a way to change the lower staff to have treble clef as default clef or other way to achieve that 2 treble clefs are showing at the very beggining of the piece? In instrument window there seems to be no way to change it:

The thing is, that whenever I change the very first clef manually to be properly shown (and yes I know how to do that), it works seemingly, but when I reopen the file it always look like this:

It is working fine for all the subsequent measures, but not with the very first one...

Thanks for any advice

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Then maybe contrary to your claim you do not know how to change the clef, as it just works when I do it: it sticks across closing and reopening.
So how exactly are you changing the clef?

But here's another way: in that dialog you show above select the bass clef staff and add another staff (it'd default to treble clef), then remove the bass clef one.

Works fine for me as well, so probably indeed you aren't doing something correctly. Should be as simple as click the bass clef in the score, then click the treble in the palette. This survives save/reload just fine. If you continue to have trouble, please attach your actual score instead of just a picture, and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

There is a known issue where if you then insert new measures in front of this changed clef, you can get different results depending on the order in which you do things. So, if you encounter that, just delete any extra clef changes and re-add them when you're done inserting measures.

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