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How do I create a score that has multiple 8 measures on each line with time signature on each line? Creating simple percussion snare drum exercises in 4/4 time but need only 8 measures on each line. I have not found a way to duplicate a simple 8 bar sequence which I can copy and paste and then edit to create a new pattern. Thanks for your help!

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I wouldn't try to make the finished product in MuseScore. Make you examples individually and export as images to put into a word doc.

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or maybe a pdf since this is a more neutral format than Microsoft's .docx format. Exporting images as lossless png rather than jpg, since the images are simple computer graphics rather than photos, would compress them really well and keep your pdf from bloating.

(Of course neither of these formats support playback.)

To add measures, see Add / Measures. To mark the end of each 8-bar section, add a section break from the Breaks & Spacers palette. You can then add a new time signature to the new section or whatever else you like to mark the beginning of the next section (consider also a text frame from the Frames & Measures palette, to add a new title). To copy and paste music, select it and press "R". This does not duplicate the time signature, though - if you want a new time signature (even one the same as the old), you need to add it from the palette.

As someone who has done literally thousands of these, my feeling is, if it's mostly music with just some text - like a frame with a sentence or two between examples - it very simple to do completely within MuseScore. But if you're looking at paragraphs of text, lack of word wrap will be a big limiters, and then it becomes better to export images and use a word processor.

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