Possible to Alter Metronome Rhythm?

• Sep 5, 2022 - 02:09

I use MuseScore mostly to practice my choir parts, particularly the difficult ones. Also, to make practice tracks for my choir.

I'm trying to learn a baroque piece with a 6/8 time signature. It's difficult to count. The metronome, which clicks on 1 and 4, seems to make it worse, because many of the measures are divided as 2-2-2 rather than as 3-3. I tried switching the time signature to 3/4. That's better, but that it doesn't work with the measures that are divided as 3-3. Some measures have 2-2-2 on one voice, and 3-3 on another. Ideally, the metronome would just click on the first beat of every measure. I doubt this is possible, but I thought I might ask.

I can't think of how to alter the time signature so that the metronome would beat only on the first beat of each measure. Is there a way?

I suppose I could insert my own rhythm track, like a drum track. Maybe that's my best option? What's the best drum instrument for a metronome-like click?



Yes, for something like you are talking about, you'll need your own staff you can set up how you like.

Sounds are a personal choice, but claves are popular, as are rim clicks.

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