External editor for V4 handbook

• Sep 7, 2022 - 06:35

I've drafted two pages now, and maybe should have chosen easier ones to start with :-) The good thing is I've learnt a few things about MuseScore I didn't know before - will help for my next masterpiece!

The pages I did were quite long (especially chords, which I've more or less massaged into the heading order of the stub provided). The little editing box on the webpage is quite limiting so I ended up copying everything over to Visual Studio code which has outline and preview panes, then copying it all back in.

I trust there is no objection to this method? Obviously need to be super careful with the back and forward.


I often do something similar, also because, I never completely trust something won't crash and lose my work before I've had a chance to preview and save. So I often work in Google Docs for a while, then copy.

If pages get long, it's worth considering splitting them up. But I just looked at your Chord Symbols page, it seems quite reasonable for the amount of information it needs to contain - nice job. What we want to avoid are pages like this one from MuseScore 3 - https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/layout-and-formatting. Good information, but too much for a single page.

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