Inexplicable key signature appears in one instrument [solved]

• Sep 11, 2022 - 22:38

Out of the blue, the oboe part has decided not to be in the key signature of 'F' (as are the other instruments), but in 'G', though the playback sounds right.

This happens at measure 37. Prior to that measure, all instruments are in Bb. At and after measure 37, I can't find any reason why the oboe 'works' in 'G' while fellow woodwind bassoon is in F...

The Inspector doesn't help me research this.


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Selecting the oboe part measure 37, then going to key signatures palette, selecting 'F', made things right. Sorry about not trying this before posting heer.

Not just the oboe is wrong - clarinet too. Apparently you accidentally added a key signature to just those two staves. That's possible if you select a note or great instead of the full measure when adding the key. Probably the best fix would be to add the correct key normally now. Select the full measure on any staff, click the F major in the palette. This adds to all staves at once and resychronizes everything.

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