Dynamics below lyrics

• Sep 16, 2022 - 13:05

By default dynamics are placed above the lyrics. Is it possible to have them placed below the lyrics by default ?


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Thanks, I'm trying to duplicate the attached.

I tried using = to turn off auto-placement and then moving the dynamics manually but it got very messy. Then realised as I have a bass stave I could change dynamics and hairpins style to above and place them on the bass stave, works very well.

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That's kind of a special case, it's not literally a vocal score but a piano score that happens to incorporate lyrics. So the defaults are indeed not ideal for this case. Should have worked nicely to disable autoplace for the dynamics, though. At most you'd have to increase the grand staff distance to allow them to fit naturally without further adjustment. If you continue to have trouble, just attach your score and describe what you are struggling with in more detail, then we can help. But attaching the dynamics to the bottom staff is a pretty good alternative too.

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