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• Sep 19, 2022 - 00:57

I keep running into this problem, and I don't know a consistent fix. This is a score that was exported from Logic. You'll see that the number of bars is typically 1 or 2 per page. The first page is not this way because I was able to click on and delete the system break symbol on that page. I can't click on it on the other pages. How do I adjust this to have more bars per system and more systems per page? Thanks.

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Use menu item: Format > Style > Page and set the 'Music top margin' to something like 13.0 sp.
This will make the page breaks accessible. Right click on one of them, select 'All Similar Elements', press Delete and voila! - more bars per system.

To get more systems per page you can use menu item: Format > Style > Page and place a check in 'Enable vertical justification of staves'.

With 23 instruments, having more systems per page seems like wishful thinking. Your scaling in Format > Page Settings is set to 0.485mm. Perhaps consider increasing the scaling to have one system per page with larger score elements for easier readability

BTW, you can select the page breaks symbols under the page numbers via Ctrl+click. But also, you could simply right-click the first, then Select / All Similar Elements, and delete them all at once.

As mentioned, it's not really feasible to get two systems per page for most of those systems without larger paper. And it won't be readable at the current staff size - anything smaller than a 1 sp staff is pretty hard even for a small study score. So instead of trying to force more music onto the page, I'd be thinking about other options.

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