Musescore 4 percussion page missing "sticking"?

• Sep 22, 2022 - 05:43

The version 3 percussion notation has a section on adding sticking notation. It is linked to from the "Types of Text" page.

In updating the Text page for V4 I noticed the "sticking" section is not on this page:…

Is it being placed somewhere else? I thought about editing it but thought I'm not a percussionist (except for those glorious nights when they let me play timpani 😊)


The organization we are using is based in large part on trying to put things where a user needing the info is likely to look, as opposed to putting it with other things that work similarly internally but aren't necessarily related in a user's mind. People entering sticking are working with percussion notation, so they are likely to already be looking at the percussion chapter. But also, we want to keep each page as focused as possible, so we try not to mix entering of notes with adding of other markings on the same page. So, sticking is the Other Percussion Notation, within the Percussion chapter.

No harm in also putting links to this section on pages devoted to other types of text. FWIW, even though sticking is conceptually similar to fingering, it is actually a totally separate type of element. It's actually more like staff text, other than borrowing the use of Space to move from note to note also used for fingering (and lyrics).

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