Use of MuseScorePro+

• Sep 26, 2022 - 19:46

Hi Folks. I purchased MuseScore Pro+. I am an 84yr bold wannabe trumpet player. We older people missed "the rise of the computer" and need a lot of help in using programs on it. Quite a while ago I purchased MuseScore3, the book Mastering MuseScore and the full on line program that goes along with it. With that help I have been able to navigate it quite well. But I need something similar for Pro+
Help!- John Heaslip (


Hello! MuseScore Pro+ is, as mentioned aboive, a service of the commercial score-sharing website, not really anything we MuseScore users here on the software support site know much about. But I don't think there anything special you need to know in order to take advantage of your Pro+ subscription. it just means you can download more scores, do a few more things with the scores you upload yourself. If you have further questions, best to go over there to to ask.

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