Copying lyrics from soprano to other parts

• Sep 27, 2022 - 17:54

I have been trying to copy lyrics from the soprano line top the other parts. I did a search and found the following method:
Ie: select soprano measure
-> right-click on a lyric
-> Select -> All similar elements in range selection (well, here all similar elements in same staff would be enough, since there is a single measure)
-> Ctrl + C (copy)
-> Select the Alto measure
-> Ctrl + V (Paste)

I have tried this many times, having used the CTRL-SHIFT-HOME to select the entire song. For some reason, only the first two measures of lyrics will copy when I place the cursor on the first note of the alto section and press the CTRL + V. What am I doing wrong?


Disregard this post. My mistake was that I did not hit the CTRL + C command after selecting all the elements in the range. It worked as noted. Sorry for false alarm!

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