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• Sep 29, 2022 - 16:46

I have searched the tutorial and found the lesson on changing stave spacing. I have a completed piece with a single line of lyrics which includes way too much space between the staves. I tried selecting a measure then the fixed down spacer. However, I am unable to actually close any space. The spacer only works one direction. Anyone's help is appreciated.

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Spacers really shouldn't be needed for basic layout - normally if it seems there is more space than you want, there's a reason for it, and either understanding and accepting it or addressing the actual cause is better.

Which system are you talking about where you feel there is too much space? It generally looks OK to me - MuseScore has very nicely spread the staves to fill the pages, so there no unproessional-looking giant gaps at the bottom of any page like there would be if you tried forcing the staves closer together.

But, there are definitely opportunities to improve things. For instance, if you add a system break on bar 27, then the vocal staves will be empty for that system, allowing those staves to be hidden, and then two systems will fit on that page. Also, the staff size is on the large size for vocal music. Reducing the staff space size to 1.5 mm - thus yields a 6 mm staff instead of 7 mm - allows things to fit on fewer pages.

These are the sort of bigger picture things you should be thinking about here/

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