last measure of piece that begins with upbeat

• Sep 30, 2022 - 13:20

Hello I have written a score (2/4 time) with an upbeat of an 8th note. In the last measure I have a dotted quarter note but I cannot get rid of the 8th note rest... please help!

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Rightclick on the last measure, select "Measure Properties," and Adjust "Actual Duration" to 3/8.

BTW, when posting queries here, best to upload the MuseScore file itself, not pdf.

A quick way also is to select the range you want to delete (in this case, just that one rest) then press Ctrl+Delete - the shortcut for Tools / Remove Selected Range.

Note, BTW, that the Baroque-era convention of balancing the last bar with the pickup is not really used much anymore. But this piece does seem to be in that general style, so it could indeed make sense here.

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