Reset of parameters after section break.

• Oct 3, 2022 - 11:35

Dear Musescore forum.
A question/request/thought/idea!

I would find it convenient if there was a possibility to have the option to "reset"
the footer-element (in particular) after a section break.

That way it would be possible to have individual scores with separate copyright information in one
combined score (album-like?).

Perhaps all property elements could be reset (if wanted) at a section break, but in particular the copyright parameter might be useful!
Is there a "hidden way" (to me at least) to do this today or perhaps it might be something for MS4?


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I like the suggestion, but note that the term in Musescore is Section break.

Session break is when I stop for coffee.

It might be useful to edit the title of the thread so that like-minded users can identify it more easily (only the originator of the thread can make such an edit).

es, and not just headers & footers, but ideally all style settings could be reconsidered section by section. plus of course, the possibility for different instrumentation. This sort of thing has been on the radar a long time - it's part of the long term vision for a return of the much-missed "albums" feature from MuseScore 2. Hoepfully for some 4.x release we'll see this!

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The full «implementation» of all style-settings is perhaps a goal, but I would rather like to pick a low-hanging fruit: simply(?) add a copyright/footer element to section-break properties.

“New footer”: [“Text goes here”]
[v] Start new section with footer on first page

No more.

This will cover almost all situation where I would like to combine separate compositions in one score.

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Understood. My concern is that while that covers your case, someone else will say, "I don't care about headers or footers, I just need a new staff size", someone else "I just care about fonts", etc. And before you know it, it's basically everything :-)

The good news is, as a developer, I actually think it's easier to just have an entirely new set of style setting for each section than it is to just have a single one change. We made a similar change a few years back when we made instrument changes affect all part-related staff properties.

But in practice, I still suspect this won't be tackled until the rest of the the "albums" problem is solved, so we don't come up with one design temporarily then throw it out and use another.

Anyhow, your concerns are noted, and you never know, if enough other users express support for some version of this, maybe something can happen sooner rather than later.

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Thanks for answer, but I would not call it “my case” and align them with other
“elements”/” wishes” that might be candidates after a section break.


When transcribing music from scoresheets and then combining two (or more scores) in Musescore, everything «essential» should be possible to register/maintain.

Today composers, lyricists, titles, subtitles and if wanted a scores frontpage is possible to register/enter after a section break.

But ONE single “thing”, present in pretty much ALL commercial scores, is a footer showing publisher information, publishing year, copyright information etc.
This is NOT possible to register for each individual composition in a combined score.

And I consider this information essential when combining multiple scores and a more «important» and “heavy” request that the other “wishes” some users might have.

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Right, I'm just pointing that what's essential to you given your case isn't the same as what's essential to others given their use cases. Lots of people use section breaks for things that have nothing to do with coping songbooks with different copyright info on each song. Could be different movements of a single work, different exercises in an educational worksheet, etc. For those use cases, there would be other "essentials" to them and change of copyright would just be a "wish" of "some users" :-) So it is important to consider all uses cases and not design a feature that special-cases one particular type of usage.

Meanwhile, the workaround would be to use frames or even staff text for the copyright, or perhaps better yet, save your scores as separate files and export each to PDF that can be combined

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