Custom Tuplets?

• Oct 3, 2022 - 12:57


Could someone please advise on how to create a large run as shown in the attachment?

If I make the run from a collection of tuplets can not determine how to create the single bar. also, is it possible to make from one custom tuplet ?

This is bar 116 from Chopin's Op 60 Barcarolle.

Thank you..

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Select the measure-rest in an empty measure by clicking once with the mouse,
then click "Add->Tuplets->Other" from the Top menu.
and enter the required values into the boxes in the pop-up window.

For example: If you are in 12/8 meter, and you need to make 57 (eights) in 12 (eights), you need to enter 57 and 12 as the ratio value.

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