Solved: Barlines disappearing when deleting time signature

• Oct 3, 2022 - 18:12

At bar 154 I have a 2/4 measure and I want that it's a 4/4.

First, I removed the 2/4 time signature. When I want to delete the following 4/4 time signature, all bar lines disappear (repetitions and double lines).

Is it possible to remove the signature without to lose the repetition bar lines?

Thanks for your help,


I don't see a problem if I select the 2/4 measure, press Ctrl+delete, then select the 4/4 measure, Ctrl+Delete again. However, if instead of deleting the measure, I delete the time signature, this indeed rewrites the measures and thus loses custom barlines. Is that what you mean? Solution is, don't delete the time signature; delete the measure itself. Insert a new one first is need be; not sure what the final result is supposed to be.

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Could be you accidentally enabled a special mode that was never meant to be possible - Ctrl+I does. It doesn't do anything worth anything,, but it breaks Ctrl+Delete. Press Ctrl+I again to leave that broken mode and restore normal behavior. Or restart MuseScore. Could also be a keyboard issue, might be Backspace instead of Delete is you have these as separate keys. Also see Tools / Remove Selected Range.

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