Can I create completely empty measures (no rests)?

• Oct 4, 2022 - 10:40

I am writing a song with piano accompaniment. I have the melody and text in the top line, but I want to create empty piano staves beneath (treble and bass) so I can print out the score and work on the piano accompaniment in pencil at the piano. As it is, I have full measure rests in the middle of each 'empty' bar, which gets in the way of the drafting process. Is there a way to do this?



I hope I understand your request and I am attaching the (empty) MuseScore file, and 2 attachments showing what I have done; see if it's okay.
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Thanks for your response, Claudio. I think you did understand my request, but I'm not sure what panel the second picture you attached is showing. How to I get to the panel that shows "Elemento" at the top?


You can right click on a full measure rest, then 'Select' > 'All Similar Elements in Same Staff' > then press the letter V to make the measure rests invisible. They turn gray but don't print. The letter V is a shortcut for toggling the 'Visible' property in the Inspector.
Open this example in MuseScore:
Empty piano.mscz
and follow the directions.

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