German/Scandinavian note names

• Oct 5, 2022 - 11:16

I´ve been contributing to the the translation into Norwegian Bokmal, but there seems to be no guidelines concerning the use of H instead of B and B instead of Bb. In the Norwegian Bokmal version the German/Scandinavian note names have been used, but this creates a confusing user experience: In the latest nightly build the chord symbol H is not recognized, and the chord symbol B is played back as the non-german B.

I believe the ideal option would be to have a "Use German/Scandinavian notenames" setting in the preferences. Does anyone have any information concerning this? Are there plans to fully support German naming? Should we do the notename translation, or should we stick to the non-german note names until the program is fully able to support the alternative?


Update: I was wrong, there are indeed "German" and "Full German" options in the Style-->Chord Symbols dialogue, and they work perfectly:-)

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