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• Oct 19, 2022 - 21:32

Hi. You can see in bars 25 and 26 that the dialogue extends past the page. This was not the case when I first attached it (as text), but then I made changes to the staff settings. Is there a way to prevent this happening going forward. I'm surprised that MS can't figure out that I wouldn't want this illogical spilling over past the page.


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I don't see any text spilling past the page, you might still have attached the wrong file. But anyhow, MuseScore doesn't have complex text processing features; it focuses more on notation. If you want text to continue across two lines, you need to add a line break - there is no word wrap. And if you want text to continue across pages, you'd need to add two separate text elements.

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For the record, on my system, that measure is further to left, so the line of text all fits. Probably you are using fonts somewhere that I don't have or otherwise

Anything, if you think about it logically, there is no way for MuseScore to guess how you want to solve this - add a break to split the text into two lines, move the text further to the left, or add system breaks to your music so that measure that's on the left side of the page or - and this is probably your best option - change these into frames that go between systems so you are not at the mercy of where measures happen to be placed on the page.

The point is, this is a problem you need to decide how you want to solve. Once you decide how you want to solve it, MuseScore gives you the tools you need to do the job.

Not sure what you mean about settings not being remembered, but if you can give precise steps to reproduce that problem, we can assist with that too.

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I don't know much about frames, so I'll investigate that.

I know what you mean about MS not being able to guess just what I want, but I would think that it would know that I DON'T want lines spilling off the page.

I didn't mean that the settings weren't remembered. I meant that the position of the text wasn't remembered after I changed the page settings. Ultimately, if I wrote dialogue under, say, bar 10 through 12, I would want the dialogue to stay there regardless of what other changes I make. This would be similar to how lyrics "stick" to their assigned bars, but I realize that they're actually sticking to notes, not bars, and my dialogue has no notes to attach to.

I'll see what I can do. Thanks much.

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If you re-read my previous response, you’ll see I clearly laid out four different possible solutions, some of which involve making changes to the overall layout of your score. No way MuseScore or any program could possibly guess which of those very different solutions you want. Yes, it can of course realize you don’t want the text running off the page, air could cut it off for you. Probably that isn’t what you want either, though. The problem is decided what you do want. And only you can decide that. But the advice so have should help you decide.

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