copy-&-paste lyrics and chords

• Oct 22, 2022 - 11:04

Hi all,
Founding by change on youtube the "Adiga Adiga" piece which I've found really intense and decided to make it on MuS.
Separately I've managed to find chords and lyrics (see attachment).
I was wandering whether there is a way to copy-&-paste the chords without having to do it one-by-one.
Same for the lyrics.

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Adiga Adiga - chords + lyrics.doc 29.5 KB


Sure, right-click one element, then Select / All Similar Elements (or perhaps "/ Same Staff"), then Ctrl+C to copy, select destination, Ctrl+V to paste.

That's assumign you mean, you entered them already onto one staff. If you mean, you want to copy from another document in another program, there's no way to do that. There kind of is for lyrics but only if they already have the exact setup of hyphens and underscores that would be needed, which almost certainly is not the case. Normally, it will be way faster to type than to try copy/paste.

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