When dragging object from palette to drop on element, upon mousing away from element, that element should no longer appear selected

• Oct 25, 2022 - 05:14

Take a look at this gif video (on OS: Arch Linux, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.0-3289917644, revision: 1ac395a AppImage):


The first attempt to drop the repeat sign on the barline fails because although the barline is colored blue to suggest that I have my mouse position at the barline, however my mouse isn't quite within the barline's bounds. Of course the mouse icon has a red ⍉ to correctly indicate that my mouse is not at a valid location to drop...which is nice. But the problem is the that blue coloring of the barline is misleading me to mistakenly think that I am dropping the barline at a valid location. If I was a new user, I would be confused why MuseScore is not letting me drop.

I notice this happens with dropping other types of elements on other types of elements too. I have a suspicion that the Qt paint system is not immediately (upon moving my mouse out of bounds of the element) being triggered to be told to redraw the element without the selection coloring. It seems the redraw is only triggered upon moving my mouse to be within the bounds of another element. So somewhere in the mouse movement event logic, MuseScore should check if the mouse has moved away from the bounds of the previous element it was on, and if so trigger a redraw without that element being selected.


I don't use Linux. Does it not work to select the bar line in the score you want to change and then click on the repeat bar line in the palette? No need to drag anything.

Is this for MuseScore 4 beta?
If so, isn't it too early to post such issues on this forum when most here are not testing unreleased versions?

If you look in the forums
you will see:
"Development and Technology Preview
Discussing the developing MuseScore and the development builds"

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