How to split treble clef into grand staff notation?

• Oct 31, 2022 - 18:44

I have a piece in treble clef with a bass voice.

How do I split out the bass voice into a separate bass clef and display it in grand staff notation?

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Unfortunately, those instructions don't seem to work.

Following those steps, I added a piano instrument, to give me a grand staff. Then I selected the first voice of notes, representing what should go into the piano's treble clef, and selected Tools->Explode, and it put all the bass notes in the piano's treble clef, the exact opposite of what I wanted...

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Unfortunately, those instructions don't seem to work.

From the instructions:
"If the passage contains multiple voices, voice 1 notes are retained on the top staff, while other voices are moved to subsequent staves. All exploded voices are now in voice 1."

That's what happened. Looking at your pictures... voice 1 notes remained on the top staff, voice 2 moved to the subsequent treble staff (which you had added).

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