Musescore 4 - Is there a way to access VST CC?

• Nov 4, 2022 - 07:32

As per the title - can I access CC values for expression / dynamics / vibrato somehow in Musescore 4?

I thought maybe there'd be a view for CC / piano roll, or there'd be CC text in the Master Palette, but I can't find anything.

Also wondering if there's a clever way to hide keyswitches for articulations (really low notes on the keyboard), or if you can make a special Palette symbol to send text to a note. Like "pizzicato" → D2 or something for VSTs.


Not yet, no.

You could add the keyswitches to an additional staff and set that staff invisible.
It was announced that a type of text to trigger keyswitched would be made available in a later 4.x version.

Velocity for notes was just implemented in the nightly builds yesterday. I assume this then translates to appropriate CC values internally. But obviously, only for dynamics, not for expression or vibrato. Depending on what expression you want and what playback sound you are using, it could be an existing marking does the job automatically. Muse Sounds in particular seems to understand quite a lot already. Also more controls are planned for a future update.

For keyswitches, you can simply add a staff to the instrument, then make that staff invisible via the Instruments panel (independent visibility for staves within an instrument is new for 4.0). I've tried it and works well. But obviously, clunky compared to being able to customize the behavior of the actual marking in the score. As mentioned, that's planned too.

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So ideally in the long term we could replace a DAW with Musescore pretty easily. But we'd need to be able to set all CC values, not just velocity. Velocity is not managed by CC in MIDI as far as I know.

If you look at something standard like Spitfire BBC SO, velocity sets volume of short notes, and CC dynamic sets value of long notes. And CC expression sets overall volume. You can also use CC to change articulation (spicc, legato, marcato, sustain) and to change microphone positions - decca, leader, outrigger, balcony, etc.

And then each instrument has it's own sample delay, so we need to be able to set negative track offset per instrument so everything is in time.

Ideally, in the long term...

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And even more ideally.. it would be amazing if I could set up multiple instruments in a Kontakt instance, as multiple channels, instead of using CCs. So I could use arco strings from Berlin and pizz strings from Spitfire, so on. And I'd want to somehow connect the keywords arco and pizz to actual instrument changes. Looking fwd to being able to use Kontakt in Muse, not just their soundfonts. But for that we need at least CCs to work.

Musescore 3 had a rudimentary midi editor. Ideally, since I can use my BBCSO vst plugin in Musescore I would like it to respond at least to the mod wheel (cc 1) and ideally several more cc's.

Is anything like this planned for Musescore 4?

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