Musescore 4/Musesounds random dynamic changes when none are notated

• Nov 4, 2022 - 14:04

The playbacks will randomly get either quieter or louder when they aren't notated to.
I attached below is the score I noticed it on the most, but it's so far been an issue on every piece I've tested it on
As an addon to this, there not being any Euphonium sound included in the Brass MuseSound sucks due to the fact that the Tuba cuts off at a D4, and Trombone doesn't sound right

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The Green Hill.mscz 145.19 KB


There are already several issues already reported about dynamic variation, so need to do anything further on this topic. But in the future, if you find other issues, please follow the request in the beta announcement and report issues on GitHub - that's the only place the developers are actively looking.

I'm having the same issue here on some scores where the solo trombone track will randomly jump dynamics sometimes between notes. It'll go from barely audible to maximum volume note to note.

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