Connecting songs together

• Nov 9, 2022 - 20:47

I've written a 1-act opera that contains about a dozen pieces. I would like to print the whole thing on double-side pages so that there are no blank pages. In other words, if Piece 1 ends on page 5, I would like Piece 2 to begin on page 6, on the other side. This might be strictly an issue that can only be resolved through the printing process, but what I'm after is for the entire score to be connected so that Pieces 1, 2, 3, etc. to follow one upon the other, EXACTLY as they now are, except for page numbers. I don't want bar numbers to alter.

The pieces do not all have the same key or instrumentation.

Possible? Practical?


If each piece is allowed to start on a new page, then using a PDF merge application will be much easier as combining scores with different instrumentation is currently not easily supported (you need all instruments for all pieces in the same order throughout the complete thing).

Export PDFs from MuseScore without Page Numbers and have the PDF tool add them.

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