Musescore cramming all notes into one bar

• Sep 18, 2014 - 23:43

I'm trying to open a MIDI file in Musescore that I created/recorded in Reason 4. But when I open the file in Musescore it takes the song and crams all notes into one bar. It's like it's not recognizing the bar count somehow. All the notes are quantized, same velocity, and nothing rhythmically complex, straight 4/4 with 16th notes being the shortest note at any point. If anyone is familiar with Reason, I have already consolidated the MIDI track there before I export it as a MIDI file, so no fragments, and it starts at Bar 1. So I don't understand why Musescore isn't recognizing the total bar count. Again, the problem seems to be it is cramming all notes into one bar. Some help please?


Hard to say much without seeing the score - ideally the MIDI file as well as the MSCZ file that resulted from the import on your system. Also say what OS you are on and what version of MuseScore you are using.

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Well I've loaded your MIDI file into Sonar X2 Studio, and I can report that it contains 80 bars (around 3 minutes) of silence after the first note on event which lasts 240 ticks before there is another note on event.

Obviously this is not a normal SMF

Have you exported from Reason before?

IME it sucks as regards compatibility with other software.

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Church organist, actually the 80 bars of silence is accurate. That was my bad. I forgot I was trying different experiments with musescore to get it to work correctly in opening my MIDI file and the last sequence I created I had it start at the actual start of the song with one note at the beginning just to "tag" it at the start, hoping that might solve the issue but it didn't. The chart I'm trying to create with this MIDI file is a choir section that actually doesn't start until 80 bars into the song.
My question to you is, have you tried opening it in musescore? If so, after the 80 bars of silence are there 16 bars of notes? If so, your program translated it correctly. And if so, perhaps you could save it (sans the 80 bars of silence), upload it here and I'll see if that opens correctly?

So just to recap, in the file I uploaded here, there actually WERE 80 bars of silence (sorry about that), then starting there there ought to be 16 bars of the actual piece.

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No - I was getting the same error in 1.3 as you were.

It crashed 2.0 beta when I tried to load it into that.

I think maybe the next step is to open an issue in the issue tracker where it will be flagged for the development team to deal with, and consequently to the guy that wrote the 2.0 beta MIDI import routines.

If you are happy doing that go ahead, otherwise I will do so. If you do it - make sure you mention the crash on 2.0 beta and mark it critical.

I would like to look at the MIDI file in a MIDI parser, but my copy of midi2txt will only run on XP or earlier, and I currently need to redo my Windows XP virtual machine.

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That probably means you also deleted the header Reason had put in, which is where I suspect the problem lies, but until I can get my MIDI parser working again I'm a bit stuck.

Yes it loads into 1.3 now, but there is only a single line.

In Sonar X2 it was clear there were chords......

PS or perhaps not - I was going by the event list!

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I managed to get the original file to play using VLC but it seemed to start at 4 minutes 6 seconds rather than zero.

I then managed to get some notes out of it but I doubt you'll find it all that useful. I imported the MIDI file into MuSe and then exported it and then imported it into MuscScore 1.2. File is attached. I suspect that the header is screwed and also that the quantization is too poor to get a good result.

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