Two or more songs on the same page?

• Nov 15, 2022 - 00:39

Is it possible to create more then one (short) song on the same page? That means, with all the "starting" elements - new title, new composer, new measure count, new number of staves etc?


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I have an additional question, if anyone can help me. Earlier I asked if it is possible to post two songs on the same page, so you explained it to me. This works if both songs have the same staff number. But is it possible that the second song has a different staff number in the system? For example the first has two, and the second only one staff. I can't do that at all. I tried to delete the redundant staff from bar to bar, but the page format behaves as if the deleted staff still exists. In addition, if I set a new time signature for the remaining staff, all the other staff will show again in individual measures. If I try to delete the brackets there, they will also be deleted on the part before the section break.

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