Musescore 3-crash - on opening

• Nov 18, 2022 - 16:24

Again !! Any other suggestions ??


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If you can see the palette at all, it might not be the graphics driver, but something strange in your display resolution settings. Unfortunately, this is all very specific to your computer, so it's difficult to advise without know a lot more about your computer then settings made on it - and we're not really experts in all that. But, try Help / Revert to Factory Settings from with MuseScore as a first step. If you continue to have trouble, please attach a screen shot so we can understand what you are seeing.

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Can't take a screenshot offline. I copied it via win/prt sc but it won't paste here. Since the last attachment, it crashed again and so now I see the word "palettes" but the space below it is empty. The only way I can open "3" now is thru "run" then ok/escape. Losing hope since it's been several days of uninstalling, re-installing, crash, etc.,

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After taking your screenshot, simply save it normally - not into a Word document, just save it to your computer, Then attach that file here. Here's info on how to take and save screenshots on Windows 11 -…. Similar process for older versions

Not sure what you mean about "run" and ok/escape/. We're more than happy to help,. but we really need a good explanation of exactly what you are doing - step by step - and at exactly which step something goes wrong, and a clear description of what exactly went wrong. Then we can probably help instantly without the days and days of back and forth and guessing.

But, it does sound like you do still need to update your display driver. Did you have someone else install the RAM? Could be they messed up your graphics card somehow in the process. maybe get them to fix it.

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The only way to take a screenshot that I know of is to right click on the page. Offline (which includes "3) doesn't work that way. How do you take a screenshot offline?
What I meant by "run" etc., is: win/run - (musescore 3.exe appears) then click "Ok" then press escape. (If I don't press escape, it crashes upon opening.)

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See above, I edited my post to include a link to general Windows help on screenshots. I have no idea what you mean by "offline" here.

I also don't understand what "win'run" is, or what is asking you to press OK or Esc. Again, we'd really like to help, but we need very clear description of the problem. What exactly you are doing, what exactly you are seeing happen, at which step exactly does something go wrong, and what exactly goes wrong.

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If you reset to factory settings, you will also reset your telemetry choice. So as mentioned in your other thread, if that dialog window pops up (for which you don't see the content due to your graphics driver not supporting OpenGL2.1) simply press Esc to escape out of it and have your preference stored as "don't send telemetry".

As also predicted: your palettes will remain empty until you fix your graphics card driver; which is not a MuseScore thing, but a general computer thing.

It seems to me that if MuseScore worked before, and all you did was add ram, then graphics drivers aren't the problem. But since you reinstalled, the Start Center could be. Try double clicking a mscz file and see what happens. If MuseScore opens, regardless of what may or may not be working or showing, disable the Start center in Preferences. Close MuseScore and restart your computer. Try to open MuseScore again.
Unless you added the wrong kind of ram, you shouldn't have any problems. If problems persist, take the ram out. Another trick is to reseat all the ram. That means take it out and put it back in. That cleans the connections. I've seen it work many times.

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