Any soundfont other than the default that I could use which supports diminuendo? Generaluser gs apparently doesn't

• Nov 21, 2022 - 21:14

Hello everyone,

I'm relatively new to musescore and I just found out that one can use custom soundfont files. I found generaluser gs which I really like how it sounds, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to support single note diminuendo. Is there any other soundfont which sounds similar that sounds similar to it that supports diminuendo?

Thanks in advance


Single note dynamics should work with the default font. Can you post a short score in which they don't work for you?

I think GeneralUser GS probably does support it if you change the settings in View / Synthesizer / Dynamics. It's a much smaller soundfont than the default, so a good choice if you have limited RAM, but there are certainly more realistic soundfonts if you have the space. And of course, with MsueScore 4 right around the corner, there is Muse Sounds, which will absolutely blow away any soundfont ever.

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