How to disable Musehub autostart?

• Nov 25, 2022 - 06:45

I disabled Musehub in Windows 10 - Startup Apps, but I see the service still running in the background of my task manager whenever I boot.

When I try to disable it in Services by turning Startup Type off, the option is disabled. How can I fix this please?


Have you tried from inside MuseHub to click on the settings cogwheel and then turn off the option "Start Muse Hub automatically when you log in" ?

I have this problem. I googled it and there were a few sites suggesting that MuseHub is a kind of malware. The MuseScore people just say that it's updating things, but I see no reason for it to run when I have restricted it from starting.

As one said - nothing is for free. So I wonder what price we're actually paying with this suspicious behaviour.

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