Looking for a "portable" version of the MuseScore Beta

• Nov 25, 2022 - 11:07

In order to test/have a look at the MuseScore 4 without messing my MuseScore 3 installation(*) I'd like to use a portable version of MuseScore 4. Where can I find this ?

(*) the last time I installed MuseScore 4 it re-associated all the files extensions to MuseScore 4, which I don't want. MuseScore 3 will remains my main version until MuseScore 4 fully supports (a.o) the plugins (foreseen for a 4.1 ?).


Muse Sounds needs to be installed in the default location in order to work, but MuseScore 4 itself should be installable anywhere.

However, no matter where you install it, the file associations are completely separate matter. That's managed by your OS. It should be a simple matter to set your file associations back to MU3 if you prefer, using the facilities provided by your OS (eg, in Windows, right-click any MSCZ file, use the popup menu).

Anyone aware of a portable version of 4.0.1 ?
I'm still using 3.6.2, but from time to time would like to test MS4.0 to see if it's getting more inline with my expectations. So I'd like to install it without messing all my file associations, ...
I did that with some of the last nightly build of the pre4.0.0. I worked well. But I'd like to validate my workflow with the last version.
I could only find .exe or .msi files for the 4.0.1.

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