MS 4 Beta - Added sharp to the chord signature ?!

• Nov 26, 2022 - 09:29

I have a Mac Monterey OS
This is the version of my MS4: MuseScore Nightly
When I wanted to insert a # in a chord abbreviation (for example C#m), I always typed Option + # (attachment 1); now the cursor stops and does not insert the sharp. This problem does not exist if I type, for example, a line text or other texts. Is it a bug? What can I do?
P.S: On MS 3.6.2 inserting the # in the chord abbreviation works well.
Thanks to those who will help me.

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Sharp signs in chord symbols have always been handled automatically; no need to use Option or any other keys. Just type "#" - the normal number sign (aka "hash tag") and it gets converted to a sharp sign automatically.

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in fact, in the chord abbreviations (es.: C#m) I have always done Option + # to insert a sharp but now with MS4 this key combination does not make me write the #. This is only in chord abbreviations because in all other written as staff text or system text the key combination works fine always giving me #

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You're doing fine with English here! Just put exactly the same information in the GitHub issue you put here, except maybe add that you are using a keyboard that requires Option to get the "#".

It's important that someone who actually experiences the problem be the one to report it, because then if the developers need to ask you questions in the comments on the issue, they can do so, and you will be notified.

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The link is in the original beta announcement, but here it is again:

I understand having limited time - that's true for all of us. That's why it is so important that everyone do their own part in helping here - those who are experiencing an issue are always in the best position to report it. You already took the time to report the issue here, which is appreciated. But in the future, it would be better to take that same amount of time to post to GitHub instead.

Maybe someone else experiencing this can help in this case?

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