No sound plays, software freezes, crashes, can't save or export

• Nov 26, 2022 - 21:41

This has been an issue with me for a while now, and I've tried looking at other forum posts or Musescore's support/FAQ built-in pages, and nothing has worked for me. What was happing for a while was Musescore would work perfectly fine. After a while of the software working, it stops working. And when it stops working, it freezes a short while later. And then I have to exit out of the program and come back. This was the process I had to go through, and I didn't ask sooner since at least I could get stuff done sometimes. However, things have gotten a lot worse recently. I just opened a new score, and now Musescore refuses to play any sound whatsoever. I did this a few times just to see, I even uninstalled and reinstalled Musescore, yet the issue persists. I tried playing sound from one of my old scores, and it worked fine. Then, I tried playing from the new score, and the sound stopped playing on both sides. This has been so annoying that I haven't used the software for long enough to say whether or not the freezing issue is still there.

I also can't export the score. There export button on the file menu is grayed out. I had a similar issue before where I would click save or export, but it wouldn't actually do that. I think this is different, but I honestly can't tell.


Reinstall seldom does any good.
What OS? How much ram? Sometimes HDD's get stuck in a 100% usage cycle. Everything stops. If your drive is almost full the same thing can happen. Same if you are running too many things at once.

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1) OS is Windows 11
2) 12 Total GB of ram, but 11.9 is usable
3) Not sure what an HDD is, or what a 100% usage cycle is, sorry
4) My drive is not almost full, quite far from it, and I usually only run 3 or 4 applications at once (including browsers)

I hope that helps identify the issue

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