Extra pauses in converted file

• Nov 28, 2022 - 22:50

I have imported a pdf score and converted it into mscz-format. Some pause signs in grey are added, which I cannot erase or manipulate. Any idea what I could do?
Thank you for your help!

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Unfortunately, the AI that attempts to turn pictures of music into actual music is still quite primitive, and unless you are an expert in the advanced editing capabilities of MuseScore, it's usually way easier to simply enter the music normally than to attempt to correct the many errors these programs will typically make in attempting the conversion. it takes only minutes to learn the basics of note inputl, but learning the advanced editing functions that would be needed to fix all of these sort of errors would generally take months.

Right-click on an empty spot within the measure, select Bar Properties and change the Actual Duration to the correct values for the current time signature and then enter the notes manually.

BUT, there seems to be more than one thing going wrong here as the grey minus sign indicates a measure with too few notes yet too many are actually visible. And - if you image is from Measure 14 of the Bach part - it looks like some transposition has occurred.

It may be quicker just to enter things manually.

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