Muse score 3 frozen

• Nov 28, 2022 - 23:43

I accidental pressed a button while trying to save. Now, Musescore is frozen and whenever I click it makes a saving sound. I can open Musescore itself and other apps, but Musescore 3 won’t close or move.


Sounds like there is a dialog box that is not visible and is awaiting your input. It might have moved offscreen, or been hidden behind some other window. If you can't find any way to bring it back, your best bet may be to "force close" the program (all OS's provide a way to do this - in Windows, for example, you could use Task Manager). You might lose some of your work since the last save, but with luck the autosave still kicked in and when you restart MuseScore, you can choose to restore your previous session. Then do the save again.

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