8va on single voice

• Nov 30, 2022 - 19:29

I have a piano score with two voices in the treble stave. Is it possible to raise just the upper voice by one octave, not both voices? I read the handbook but couldn't find the clarity on this.


If I select just the upper voice and then press Ctrl + the "up" arrow , that voice is raised by an octave, seemingly without any problems. I've only tried it on a short sample, though, on MS 3.6.2


Well, yes, some trickery is required but depending upon how complex your piece is it might not require too much artifice. You can have one Voice in the top stave and the other Voice comes from the bottom stave but use Cross-Staff Notation. This second Voice appears in the top stave but still "lives" in the bottom stave so isn't affected by the 8va.

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Generally speaking, octave lines apply to all notes on a staff. You do sometimes see people trying to get around this and using notations that they think might clearly indicate it only applied to some notes but not others. It's risky, though, as it invites misunderstanding. If you can find a better way, it's almost always to do so.

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