• Dec 1, 2022 - 14:48

How can I transfer a symbol form the Master Pallet to a single pallet?
I.e., symbol from Master pallet to Articulation pallet.


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The future should be now if you're using a current nightly build. If it's not working for you, be sure to report this on GitHub with systems details (like, what OS, anything unusual about your muse drivers, etc) so the developers can investigate why it's not working for you and then hopefully fix it. But to be clear, it absolutely works for me in last night's build on Linux.

I will say it's a bit picky about when you can drop, might take a little wiggling around to find the drop spot.

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No need to drag and drop to the score. Even though it should work, It is much easier to add an articulation by selecting a note and then clicking on the articulation in the pallet.

Drag and drop is used to copy an articulation to the pallet from the master pallet. The master pallet is intended to be the "store" where you can find less common items and then add them to you "working" pallets for future use.

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