Changes key when shared

• Dec 1, 2022 - 18:31

Hello, I have the app on my ipad. I found a tune and transposed it to key of G. Then I shared with my mac laptop in order to download and print. But when it appeared on my laptop, it was in the key of Bflat. Help! Thanks!


As far as I know, the iPad app contains no editing features. So while it can display your music transposed into other keys, the score itself is not modified, so if you download it, it's still the original. So, instead of transposing then download, do it the other way around - download the score, then transpose on your computer (using actual the MuseScore notation software, not the mobile app). In fact you don't need you iPad at all for that - just download it directly on your computer from the website, no app required.

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