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• Dec 2, 2022 - 08:57

I've been editing "Sound and playback" for days, only just find out each chapter has an individual page:
* contains a outdated list of links to subpages, which is a slice off the main TOC.
* hidden from TOC a link to a very useful page : How to restore sound if playback stops working
Why double handling? Wouldn't it also limit readers' freedom to scroll and wander around other chapters? eg cannot find Text in Notation Would it be better to move things to the main TOC, and point towrads it?


One is for the online manual only, the others are for the PDF version.
The latter doesn't get generated anymore, unfortunately, it used to get generated once every night.

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It should run just fine on pretty much any computer sold in the past 5-10 years or so - longer for Windows and Linux than for macOS I guess. But probably 99% of users have machines that can run it. At most a $20 hard drive upgrade might be needed to install Muse Sounds.

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I should have phrase it properly. Yes it runs on the (quite old) intel i5 v8 CPU and even low level Soc CPU. It's just a minute thing similar to the milliseconds latency issue of any MIDI keyboard: occasional lagging in UI, eg easing on sliding open of submenus; wait for menu population; and the delayed start and then 'stuttering' of playback. As much as I want to have all the fixes and great improvements on engraving and UI, let alone the new Sounds, it's become not enjoyable to use anymore at this stage , awaiting post beta optimization. Some app use terms 'Basic system requirement' and 'Recommended requirement' I've seen playback messed up happen on your Musescore Cafe channel I think you understand.
I am all for progress and devs: I have nothing but admiration for musicians contributing to free and open source, if your marketing strategy says 99% then I will go set myself back and match my CPU - I've had enough with fFinale monopoly and all those years of dev stagnation.

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Muse Hub: Win10 May 2020, but that's mostly the fault of the other MS: microsoft: upgrade need 20GB free space that's not possible. Makes you think what's really inside a OS, we sent astronauts in spaceships with floppy disks.

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If you are still experiencing these issues in recent builds, best to report them on GitHub as requested in the beta announcement. The developers have fixed tons of issues reported there over the past few months, but they can't fix what isn't reported.

For the record, I have not encountered anything like you describe, especially since the big performance boost changes were merged a week or two ago. BTW, my Café sessions are live streams, and the live streaming software is quite taxing of system resources, which can make MuseScore playback stutter. But MuseScore 4 is not affected more than 3 - actually rather less, since the performance changes went into effect (I haven't played any scores demonstrating this yet, but I will soon enough).

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