Muting Voices on Playback

• Dec 2, 2022 - 21:00


I have a score with two voices per stave. Stave one is in G clef and has a soprano voice (voice 1) and an alto voice (voice 2). Stave two is in Bass clef and has a baritone voice (voice 1) and a bass voice (voice 2). Because I don't always have a piano player available to rehearse the choir, I would like to use Musescore to playback the individual parts of the score along with the appropriate choir section. Since I only have two staves, two voices per stave, the mixer only lists "Soprano" and Bass." My issue is that if I mute the "Soprano" in the mixer, it mutes both the Soprano and Alto voice. Similarly, muting the Bass voice mutes both Baritone and Bass. Is there a way to easily mute a voice during playback? Thank you.


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