iMac installation defaults to Documents Folder

• Dec 4, 2022 - 22:04

I'm switching to a new iMac, but keeping the old one. My iCloud is set up to sync my Desktop and Documents between the 2 Macs. On my new Mac MuseScore3, by default, installed the MS folders into "Documents" but I don't want them syncing to the old Mac.

Don't seem to be able to keep MS3 from recreating a new set of MS folders in my new Mac...I've used the ".nosync" suffix on my existing MuseScore3 main folder, which keeps it from syncing to the old Mac. BUT, when I start up MuseScore on the new Mac, it instantly re-creates a new set of (empty) folders in Documents AGAIN....which then, are dutifully re-created on my old Mac, thanks to iCloud.

I've already tried to drag my existing MS3 main folder OUT of Documents, but it refuses.

I'm going around in circles. Do I just have to live with a set of empty MS3 folders on both Macs?


I think it only creates them if they are set in your preferences and they're not present (so it'll create them on first run). But if you then go Edit > Preferences and change the default locations; I'm guessing they might not be recreated.

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Thanks for your help. I changed all the Preferences, the only one that gave me some grief was "SoundFonts" -- It had a pencil/edit icon there; when I removed the location or tried to add the 'new' location, MS wouldn't load. So I put it back. Now MS loads slowly, bc it's looking for SoundFonts (which appears to be an empty file folder), but eventually it loads.

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An empty soundfonts folder shouldn't affect startup time at all. Unless perhaps you have previous set a default soundfont configuration in View / Synthesizer that MuseScore is trying to load but cannot find anymore.

Slow startup would more likely to due to either soundfonts that are there and are huge, or, default printer that is slow to respond or not responding at all, since MuseScore uses your default printer at startup to determine an appropriate page size to use for new score by default

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That’s interesting. My MS is a brand new clean install on my new iMac. I did, however, bring over the existing files/scores from my old iMac. I had recently downloaded a set of Ukulele soundfonts onto the old iMac, but since they sounded worse than what MS had, I deleted them from the old iMac before I got my new iMac. I don’t think the soundfont file was particularly large, anyway. The default printer thing might be the cause of the delay, but I only have the one printer, and the old iMac didn’t take this long to boot up MS, so IDK. I can live with it.
I sure appreciate your help, Marc. Just became a “Pro” member a cpl days ago.

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I figured it out. Nothing to do with the printer. I clicked the "Soundfont" folder under MS Preferences, and there was a blank line listed in the first position. Then on the second line is listed the folder I have designated for my Soundfonts. So I clicked on the blank line and deleted it, which moved the existing Soundfonts folder string up to the first position. Bingo! It was taking almost a full minute to load MS and now it's instantaneous.

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