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• Dec 5, 2022 - 14:26

What is the meaning of the symbol just after the time signature? It also appears in the cello part. This is an old score (published in France). The arrangement even includes my first ophicleide (I wonder if I have a sound font for that?).
I hope this isn't too far off topic for this forum. There is great talent and experience here. Please suggest another forum if this kind of question is inappropriate.

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Looks to be an old-style tenor clef, used here because the notes are too high to read comfortably on bass clef. And supposedly bassoonists, trombonists and cellists are OK with this.

For the ophicleide, not sure how much luck you'll have finding a soundfont, but a tuba (or horn if it's a higher-pitched version) would make a decent substitute.

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I suppose I should have experimented with the note pitch to see what fitted. I am just beginning to consider the score, but I am sure the other part will prove this. Thanks.
I was joking about the ophicleide. I did need to look it up. This score was from 1893, so I presume it was intended for a valved (rather than keyed) version. I understand keyed brass didn't sound great and were quickly replaced by valved instruments as the manufacturing technology permitted. I am sure low brass of some sort will substitute well in the render.

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