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• Dec 6, 2022 - 21:11

Hello everyone,
A new plugin for piano keyboard is now avaible : https://musescore.org/en/project/piano-keyboard-diagram.
Thanks a lot to the musescore team !


Hello friend!
These plugins seem to serve a very important purpose. However, I have already downloaded the source and plugins as instructed and they appear in the C/Musescore/Plugins folder. However, they do not appear in relation to the other plugins in Musescore so that I can activate them.
Could you guide me on what I could be doing wrong or what I might be missing?
Should .txt files also be downloaded?
Much obliged,,,

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Hello Jojo!

This last directory that I showed where I put the files would be correct, right?
The .js files that you mention are not available for download, only in .js.txt format, even so when I try to download, a window opens like the image attached to "Dagrama". Thus, it does not offer an option to download them and place them in the directory.

When I try to load them in the Plugin Creator to run them, it displays messages like the images "Diagram II" and "Diagram III"

What could I be doing wrong?

I inform you that my S.O. it's Windows 10 and Musescore latest version

I am very interested in these plugins for teaching purposes.

Thank you friend!

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I forgot to mention that I created a specific directory for each plugin (see image). (I am on windows 10)
To automatically increase the size of the diagrams, you must modify in the qml file the line face="Keyboard Chord Diagram font size="21", by putting the size you want.
As you can see in the pictures , you need to download .qml file and .js.txt. Le last one must be rename in.js

Thanks to Jojo-Schmitz to help the users !

Kind regards

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I understood and I already created the directories just like you did and put the .qml files in it.
Turns out I can't download the .js.txt files. to rename. Because the moment I click on them to download, a window opens like the image I made available in a previous message, ok.
How do I download them without opening these windows?
Sorry, I don't know anything about programming!

Thank you friend!

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hello jojo and

Congratulations for the competence and help dedicated to me.
With the files available, everything went well, the plugin really works very well.

I managed to learn and it will be of great value in my music classes at the Conservatory where I work.

I wish much success to you friends!


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I am happy that will help you. I am a guitarist since the 6 december 1973 (!) and recently (2 years) decide do play keyboard). I was looking for a way to be able to get piano chord diagrams and be able to print them along with the sheet music. It's done ! Kind regards.

Thank you ever so much for this plugin. It is long overdue. I really, really need it as I transcribe hundreds of scores for students of mine. I have, however, just one request. Could you please tell me how to get rid of that awful black, vertical line that appears when one adds a diagram. It is probably used to indicate Middle C but I really don't need it to do that for my students. If you can alter it for me yourself and post another link here, that would be fantastic, as I am not very "code orientated". If possible, when editing the black line, if you could also get it to line up (snap to grid or something) like the rest of the lines? You are a star. Thank you in advance.


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Hello Dimand !
I'm glad it can be of use to you.
I had added a vertical bar in the diagram for my personal use (to clearly identify the C on the keyboard.) If you prefer that this bar no longer appears, replace the contents of the keyboarddiagram.js file with this one.

You must rename the keyboarddiagram.js.txt file to keyboarddiagram.js (removing the .txt)

Regards !

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Hello. You must go to plugin>plugin manager > Reload plugins.

Clarification. This is only for the 1 chord > 1 diagram plugin. Do you need me to do the same for the 1 chord > diagram + inversions plugin?

Tell me if it works for you.

PS. If possible, can you also tell me how to change the colour of your dots on the notes so that I can use red or blue or any other colour to show which keys to use?

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To create the diagrams I use a font that is black and white (like all fonts I guess). I had already tried to color some keys on the keyboard but my knowledge of musescore programming languages ​​is limited.

Sorry for not being able to respond favorably to your expectation...

Greetings from France.

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